Business Security Systems


Access control is an important part of most businesses today not for just security reasons but for, ease of entry by those authorized to enter, to be notified and have a log of who is entering and when to remotely control entry and exit points as well as certain parts of the building like server rooms, sensitive document areas and equipment storage and to quickly add new employees or vendors or immediately delete employees no longer with the company.


Our access control is very unique in that it can interface directly with our security systems. This means you have command and control of your complete security from one system and app. They don’t just act as one system; they are one system. We also do custom work ranging from an over 2000 LB gate to a custom-made metal equipment security door. Example: first authorized entry in, in the morning can also automatically disarm the security system and send you a notification that your building has been accessed and by whom and that your open for business.


Cameras have become a significant and important part of our business. We pride ourselves on having an extraordinary offering that can start with just one camera and scale to hundreds. We pride ourselves on the installation. Clean, technically proficient and quality of products are just some of our hallmarks. We are constantly testing and reviewing camera systems so we are able to help you get past the specs and marketing spin to what’s actually real and what you can really expect from your camera system. Rather you have us install cameras for you or have us install cameras you have purchased or just need some counsel and advice or another viewpoint, we would love to help.


Every business is different. Complete control over your building, analytics to help you understand where you are spending your energy dollar and where you could save. The ability to lock out the thermostats and remote control and notification can be key.


Again, the energy control and management all work together and in tandem with the security system and access control. Last exit in the day can lock the doors arm the security system and turn off the HVAC all with one swipe.

business security interoperability


Now everything has an app. Wouldn’t it be great instead if an app had everything? Your security system, lights, locks, thermostats, outlets, wall switches, appliances, access control if you’re a business and cameras can all work in symphony with rules that tie them together. For example, you’re leaving for a weekend in Tahoe, you set your Security system for vacation. It sets the system for “away”, Locks the doors, turns off the air conditioner and sets the porch lights to come on from Dusk to dawn while randomly turning on a light inside to make it appear someone is home.

Your whole home or business can work in concert under one app not a different app for each item. You also get a unified notification. You can get notified from one app when a door is open or left open, your doorbell rings, the doorbell picks up motion from amazon dropping off a package or someone trying to steal the package. Get notified if your temperature is too high or low, or if your office has forgotten to arm the system after a certain hour. The ease of use and control that comes from a system that works seamlessly together is security and convenience you can use and count on.