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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get rid of my old wired system and replace it with a new wireless system?2019-09-05T13:32:34-07:00

If your wiring is still in good shape (we can tell you if it is), you should never replace your wired system with a wireless system. There is no benefit for doing so and once you do you may damage your wired infrastructure permanently.

What’s your service area?2019-09-05T13:32:34-07:00

We service anywhere in Northern California.

Will you install cameras I purchased myself?2019-09-05T13:32:34-07:00

Yes. We frequently install cameras our clients have purchased themselves.

Is there a monthly payment for cameras?2019-09-05T13:32:34-07:00

No. Cameras should not require you to have a monthly payment for you to use them locally or remotely.

What is POE2019-09-05T13:34:33-07:00

Power Over Ethernet. With the right equipment, it allows your device to get power from the ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a separate power wire run. All our cameras are POE.

Do I have to have a monthly payment?2019-09-05T13:32:46-07:00

No. While there can be some good benefits to a monthly payment, it’s not required nor always recommended.

Do I have to sign a contract?2019-09-05T13:32:46-07:00

No. We have a flexible contract and non-contract terms.

Do I have to have live monitoring?2019-09-05T13:32:46-07:00

No. Every situation is different and our clients have different objectives when choosing security.

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