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residential home security systems


In an age of DIY and the race to see who can have the cheapest most ineffective monitoring, poor quality (hidden by marketing spin) and installations done by college kids as a side job that call installing “slapping it up”, you can count on us to provide the quality hardware you deserve and the installation you need.


We have done, and continue to do, in-depth research on all prevalent security systems and are beta testers for many, as we are an engineering heavy organization. We know the difference between the systems who’s only value is giving a false sense of security and those that will be there to help protect you, your loved ones, and your possessions. We have sifted through misdirection, misinformation, and false advertising. We know what the truly superior systems are and why.


It’s interesting, you can pick 10 camera systems at random. They will have the same, or very close to the same specs, but drastically different picture quality and very different lengths of usefulness before they start to need repair. If they’re all the same on paper, and the reviews these days are suspect, to say the least; How do you get a quality camera system that lasts?

We have done the long, hard work for you of rigorous testing over long periods of time. We would love to discuss with you, which cameras we like, which we don’t and why, and which system would best fit your needs.

residential home automation


Imagine the simplicity of your security system and home automation all in one app, all working together to secure your home and make life easier. Manage anything from your lights, electrical outlets, garage doors to locks and thermostats. Our systems interface with Lutron and other providers giving you even greater home control all in one app.


Smart systems know when your home, what rooms you’re in and can manage your HVAC to achieve a comfortable environment while maximizing energy savings.

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